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When a divorce involves children, questions often arise that require parents to balance the best interests of their children with their own needs. Confusing questions arise regarding the difference between physical custody and legal custody. What do you do when both parents have concerns about where the child will live and how visitation and parenting time will work?

The child custody lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, represents men and women in all divorce-related matters, including custody and visitation. Among the concerns commonly expressed by parents are the following:

  • How does a court decide custody?
  • What is joint custody?
  • Is there a certain age when a child can decide for him or herself where to live?
  • What is the shared economic responsibility formula?
  • What if one parent moves to another state?
  • What are reasonable expectations for child care?

Michael A. Robbins has substantial experience advising and representing clients with child custody, visitation and parenting time issues. He represents men and women throughout Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties in the design, enforcement and modification of custody, visitation and parenting time orders. He has worked extensively with Friend of the Court in Michigan, advising and representing clients in mediation, hearings and divorce trials throughout the Tri-County area.

A nationally recognized authority in divorce and family law, Mr. Robbins has lectured and written articles addressing a multitude of custody and visitation issues, including third-party custody rights and visitation. His child custody questionnaire is used by lawyers and parents throughout Michigan. He has been featured on numerous local and national telecasts, including "Good Morning America," the "Today" show and "CBS This Morning."

To learn more about custody issues in Michigan, see Mr. Robbins' article Joint Custody.

If you are contemplating a divorce or have been served with a complaint for divorce and have concerns about how it will impact your time and relationship with your children, then schedule a confidential consultation with experienced Michigan child custody attorney Michael A. Robbins. Call us at 248-646-7980, email us or fill out our intake form on our Contact page. Located in Bloomfield Hills, Mr. Robbins accepts cases in the Tri-County area of Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties and throughout the state.