Grandparents' Rights

If a grandparent is unable to visit his or her grandchild, it can be heartbreaking and challenging to deal with. Whether the circumstances involve the death of a parent, parents who are fighting with grandparents or an ex-spouse refusing to let the kids see Grandma and Grandpa, you should seek advice from a lawyer.

Attorney Michael A. Robbins has been representing clients throughout Michigan for more than three decades. His entire legal practice is focused on divorce, family and related matters. He is nationally recognized for his work in family law and is eminently qualified to handle even the most complex family law case.

As A Grandparent, Do I Have Visitation Rights?

Grandparents' rights issues are complicated. If you are being denied access to your grandchildren and have questions about your legal rights, you should talk with attorney Michael Robbins. The laws regarding grandparents' rights and their grandchildren are very complicated and depend on the circumstances. For instance, getting custody or visitation rights after a parent has died is much likelier than in a situation where there is a dispute and one parent is simply refusing to let Grandma or Grandpa see the grandchildren.

Mr. Robbins recognizes that when you come to his firm, you will have detailed questions and concerns. He takes time to walk through each and every legal issue with his clients. As a nationally recognized lawyer, he has a great number of resources he can provide or direct his clients toward. Mr. Robbins offers comprehensive legal representation for his clients, regardless of the issues at stake.

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