Change Of Domicile/Relocation

A change of domicile or relocating with a child is a serious consideration and the courts will look at a number of factors before making a decision. A change of domicile (relocation) should be discussed in detail with an experienced lawyer who has a proven track record handling change of domicile, custody, parenting time and related matters.

Michael A. Robbins is eminently qualified to handle change of domicile (relocation), custody, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) matters, modifications and related family law issues in Michigan. He focuses exclusively on family law topics and has handled these issues for more than 30 years. Clients come to his firm because of his proven track record, his legal abilities and the high level of recognition he has received for his legal work.

Change Of Domicile/Relocation

Parents who want to move from their home state and take their child with them must first seek permission from the court, which must be the first to approve the move. Without approval, serious legal issues can arise. Ultimately, a judge will decide whether you can move with your child.

In Michigan, judges make decisions (when there is joint legal custody) based on a five-pronged test that asks the following questions:

  • Will the move improve the quality of life for the child and relocating parent?
  • Is the move triggered by one parent's wish to prevent the other parent from having parenting time?
  • Is one parent seeking to relocate or to challenge the relocation because of a desire to gain a financial advantage (and are there child support issues)?

  • Is there a reasonable likelihood that the noncustodial parent can still have parenting time with the child after the move in a way that fosters and preserves a parental relationship? (And is the relocating parent likely to comply with the modified parenting time schedule?)
  • Is there a history of domestic violence (regardless of whether it involves the child)?

Attorney Michael Robbins is highly knowledgeable of relocation laws and how existing custodial arrangements and parenting time can be affected by a change of domicile. While walking his clients through the legal process, he is fully committed to providing strong advocacy.

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