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Month: June 2020

How Do I Modify an Order From My Divorce?

Once your divorce is finalized, you might be thinking that you want to avoid any more legal issues for quite some time. However, for many parties in Michigan, circumstances change that may necessitate a modification to part of the divorce order. For example, if the...

Do I Need to Hire an Appraiser for My Divorce Case?

When you file for divorce in Michigan and begin the process of hiring an experienced divorce attorney to work on your case, you may not be thinking about the immediate need to hire experts pertaining to specific aspects of your divorce case. However, if you own...

What is Complex Property in a Michigan Divorce?

When you are expecting a high asset or high net worth divorce in Michigan, you will likely need to anticipate the classification and valuation of different forms of complex property. Even in many other divorce cases in which the spouses are not high earners, the...

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