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Month: September 2020

Five Things to Know About High-Net-Worth Divorce

Are you planning for a Michigan divorce, and do you own substantial assets with your spouse? When wealthy couples in Michigan get divorced, those high-asset divorces often involve many complicating factors and issues that are not present in more straightforward...

What Will Happen to My Business if I Get Divorced?

Do you own a business and are you getting divorced? You are probably anxious about what will happen to your business in your Michigan divorce, and whether you will be forced to close or sell the business, or to sell your interest in the business. The answer depends in...

Telling Your Adult Children About Your Gray Divorce

While older adults may not need to involve their children in the same way that divorcing spouses with minor children from the marriage might, most couples going through a gray divorce want to make sure they break the news to their adult kids the best way possible....

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