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Month: March 2021

How Moving to Another State Can Affect Child Custody

Divorces are difficult for many different reasons, and some of those complications may not dissipate simply because your divorce case is final. This is particularly true when you share minor children with your spouse, and the two of you are co-parenting in a shared...

Social Media and Your Divorce

Making plans to file for divorce means that you will likely need to make some lifestyle changes, including living by a more defined budget and abiding by a parenting time arrangement if you will be sharing custody of minor children from your marriage. In addition,...

Most Common Financial Issues of Divorce

Divorce can be expensive, and the aftermath of a divorce can come as a financial shock to many Michigan residents. Married couples become accustomed to sharing costs of a single household, and in many marriages, one of the parties is the primary earner while the other...

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