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Month: September 2021

10 Things to Do After Divorce

Divorce in Michigan is never easy, regardless of whether you are involved in a contentious divorce or a relatively amicable separation. To be sure, divorce means making major lifestyle changes, from living arrangements to financial budgeting to childcare planning....

How Many People Divorce Because of Infidelity?

Michigan divorces occur for many different reasons, from financial problems in the relationship to infidelity. While infidelity is often highlighted as being a reason for divorce, how frequently is it actually the sole cause of a divorce, or one reason among many?...

Will Proving Fault Affect the Outcome of My Divorce?

If you are planning to file for divorce because of your spouse’s behavior or actions, or if your spouse has already filed for divorce, you may be wondering if you will need to prove fault. Further, you likely want to know if proving fault will affect the outcome of...

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