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Does Child Custody End When My Child Turns 18?

Child custody is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Typically, child custody arrangements are legally binding until the child turns 18 years old. Parents may be met with confusion and anxiety about how these changes will impact the role they play in...

What Happens to Debts During a Divorce?

You and your spouse have acquired many types of property over the course of your marriage. While most people are aware that marital property includes the house, furniture, cars and other purchased items, you may not realize that joint debts also fall under assets that...

When is Divorce a Good Idea?

After years or decades of marriage, it can be difficult to know whether divorce is a good idea or if you should continue trying to work on your marriage. Many Michigan residents remain together for the sake of their children, even if this is not the best decision for...

Who Gets the Kids in a Same Sex Divorce?

In a same-sex divorce where the spouses have minor children from the marriage, those parties should in theory be able to expect that they will be treated equally—just like any heterosexual married couple getting divorced with minor children from the marriage. While...

How Many Times Can I Get a Divorce?

If you have already been married and divorced and are considering the possibility of getting divorced again, you might be concerned that there are legal limits to the number of times you can have a divorce finalized in Michigan. Or, if you were divorced in another...

How Can I Tell People I am Getting a Divorce?

Are you planning to get a divorce in Michigan but you are unsure about how to tell other people? Breaking the news about a divorce can be complicated and difficult, and you may need to employ different strategies depending upon who you are telling about your future...

What is Considered a Modification?

After you have gone through a divorce, a child custody case, or another type of family law matter in Michigan, you will likely have a court order in place. Depending upon the particular facts and nature of your case, your court order may clarify how spousal support...

My Soon-to-be Ex is Stalking Me

Realizing that your soon-to-be ex is stalking you can be extremely upsetting, and you may fear for your personal safety. Stalking can be extremely frightening, and even though it may not involve any direct physical contact, it can be threatening and aggressive. What...

Filing for Divorce While Pregnant: What to Know

If you are pregnant and considering filing for divorce, you may be wondering if Michigan law prevents you from getting divorced while you are pregnant (as some states do), and you also likely have questions about how the court will handle questions concerning...

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