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How Can I Tell People I am Getting a Divorce?

Are you planning to get a divorce in Michigan but you are unsure about how to tell other people? Breaking the news about a divorce can be complicated and difficult, and you may need to employ different strategies depending upon who you are telling about your future...

What is Considered a Modification?

After you have gone through a divorce, a child custody case, or another type of family law matter in Michigan, you will likely have a court order in place. Depending upon the particular facts and nature of your case, your court order may clarify how spousal support...

My Soon-to-be Ex is Stalking Me

Realizing that your soon-to-be ex is stalking you can be extremely upsetting, and you may fear for your personal safety. Stalking can be extremely frightening, and even though it may not involve any direct physical contact, it can be threatening and aggressive. What...

Filing for Divorce While Pregnant: What to Know

If you are pregnant and considering filing for divorce, you may be wondering if Michigan law prevents you from getting divorced while you are pregnant (as some states do), and you also likely have questions about how the court will handle questions concerning...

Co-Parenting Tips for the Recently Divorced

After a Michigan divorce involving minor children from your marriage, it can be difficult to focus on co-parenting with your ex-spouse, especially if you had a contentious divorce. Yet given that Michigan child custody law frequently focuses on ensuring that both...

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