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Maintaining Privacy and Starting a Separate Life During Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time in peoples’ lives. Some spouses wonder how they can begin to separate their lives and keep their soon-to-be ex out of their personal lives when they often share friends and family members. There are important reasons for wanting to maintain privacy after divorce, sometimes just for the sake of moving on.

Bank Accounts

One of the first things spouses can do is create and maintain separate bank accounts. This way, each person will have their own money and the other spouse will have no reason, or way, to know what the source of the money is.

Social Media and Other Online Accounts

It is important to change passwords to any personal online accounts. Many couples share passwords with each other for convenience. However, during a divorce these passwords should be changed to take personal ownership over all online accounts. This includes social media accounts.

While changing passwords, look at social media account privacy settings. Information gathered from Facebook and other social media is increasingly used as evidence in divorce cases, so divorcing spouses should be careful about what they are posting, as it could have a negative impact, especially regarding spousal and child support.

Credit Cards

Another important step is to apply for a new credit card in one individual’s name alone. If spouses relied on joint credit cards during the marriage, it is necessary for each spouse to get his or her own credit card to obtain and establish good credit in one’s own name.

“One Click” Purchasing

One item that people may often forget is “one click” purchasing arrangements that some websites offer, which allow users to store credit card information and review past purchases on the website. Divorcing spouses do not need to know what the other is purchasing. Also, this is a good way for spouses to make sure they are not buying things on the other’s credit cards.

Cell Phones

Divorcing spouses also may have to get new cell phone plans so they can no longer see the other’s bill, because they may no longer qualify for a family plan and to avoid paying for overages caused by a former spouse’s use.

Divorce is not an easy time, but taking the above steps may help to ease the burden on divorcing spouses. If you are considering getting divorced, contact an experienced family law attorney to discuss your situation.