Over 30 Years Experience Focused In Divorce & Family Law

Testimonial Letters From Clients

“Thank you for the services you have provided me. You successfully led me through a very difficult and confusing situation. I am grateful to the services you provided and to your timely responses whenever I had a question or concern. Your staff was always friendly and supportive.” SO.

“When I first met Michael, I was in a horrid marriage and terrified for the welfare of my three children. Michael’s calm intellect and vast legal experience assured me that I could seek a divorce while protecting my children and my assets. Michael was the voice of reason in a long, difficult process. Michael gave me my life back and shielded my children from a devastating outcome.
From the outset, Michael established priorities, foresaw potential problems, and advised me on every single detail so that, in the end, my best interests were achieved. We had countless roadblocks and delays; and yet, nothing fazed Michael. His knowledge and years practicing law enabled him to guide my case with agility and grace. With every motion and every meeting he was well prepared. He left nothing unturned.
Michael has the respect of the family court. Each time we went to court, it was obvious to me that the judge trusts Michael. He clarified confusing accusations, was accurate in his arguments, and brought a level of sensibility to the whirlwind going on around us. I quickly picked up that our judge looked to Michael for the real story. I attribute this to Michael being an attorney of integrity for many years. Moreover, he has a great relationship with the friends of the court as well as many court staff members. He cheerily greets them by name and knows them all well. I was always proud to have Michael by my side at court.
Michael’s office staff is also top notch: consistently polite, responsive, and exceeding expectations. I relied on them as much as I relied on Michael. Many times, they could handle situations without Michael’s instruction, so I was able to get things done immediately. Initially, I was concerned that he wouldn’t be updated on my case. But, Michael has a great relationship with his staff, and they communicate easily.
Michael is a world-class attorney. I will be forever grateful that he took my case. From the beginning to the final settlement I knew I would be fine because of .” ER

“Thank you for fighting for me when I didn’t have the strength or energy to do it myself. I know this was a small battle for you but I want you to know that every penny and order that was won for me means that world. If I ever have a friend or family member that has the unfortunate luck of going through a divorce you will be my highest recommendation.” JM.

“It was a pleasure working with you and your associates. The outcome was most acceptable; the dedication, productivity and professionalism shown to was second to none.” BR.

“You took an intolerable situation and made it tolerable for me. I thought my divorce would be the worst part of that relationship, however you allowed me to get through it in a very simple way. You supported me and believed in me. I truly felt cared and supported during this transition because of you.” CD.

“You are truly the best out there! I thank you for letting me sleep at night. I will never go anywhere else for legal advice.” RC.

“About 30 years ago when I was a child under a different legal name other than the one I carry now, Mr. Robbins helped my grandparents get custody of me. I wanted him to know just what kind of a difference he has made in my life. He was instrumental in saving me, and I owe him so much thanks.” JS.

made a big difference in my life. In a few words, Michael’s honesty, integrity and conscientiousness really sets him apart from the rest. Michael has always cared about my situation and how it affects me. He kept me strong and focused in the right direction at all times when it was difficult. I knew from the moment I met Michael that I could completely trust him and that feeling only grew stronger the longer we worked together. I couldn’t have done it without him and I am forever thankful that I have him on my side.” SM.

“When anyone goes through a divorce it’s disorienting but from the first meeting Michael’s authoritative presence helps you gain focus. And that extends to Michael’s team – they are his secret weapon, a brilliant combination of professionalism and humanity.” PV.

“During my divorce I needed a lawyer that would help me and my daughter relocate out of state. and his staff were exceptional throughout the entire process. Michael was always accessible and made a difficult life event manageable. I am pleased with the outcome and very grateful to have him on my side.” SD.

“When I see testimonials on a web site I am never sure if they are true representations of a client’s experience. For that reason The Law firm of Michael A. Robbins has my permission to use my name and release my contact information to prospective clients seeking legal representation. I would be delighted to express directly how professional and positive my experience with the Law offices of was. I was involved in a highly acrimonious divorce that required skilled, experienced, intelligent representation. Michael A. Robbins and his exceptional paralegal and support staff provided me with the VERY best legal representation that protected and provided for not only myself, but the interest and future security of my two wonderful sons.” SK.

“I am extremely grateful for what you have done for me and my kids. Thank you for all the work that you put in towards my case. Thank you for believing in me.” ML.