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How to Avoid a Public and Acrimonious Divorce

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Nothing can spoil a political career like a messy divorce. Take it from Michigan treasurer Andy Dillon, who resigned in 2013 following a divorce scandal. Dillon has allegedly struggled with alcohol use, and was accused of assaulting his ex wife. The former gubernatorial candidate felt he was not able to keep his private life out of the public spotlight and chose to resign to protect his family’s privacy.

If you want to avoid a public scandal in the wake of your divorce, take note of these tips to protect your privacy:

  • Keep your private life off the Internet. Divorce can be stressful and most people need a way to blow off some steam now and then. However, your Facebook page is not the best place to do so. Social media platforms are public, even if you believe your audience is limited to 500 of your closest “friends.” Keep your private feelings and the details of your divorce out of print entirely–on screen and on paper.
  • Vent in therapy — not in public. It is normal to want to vent negative feelings, especially at a time when you are feeling anger, frustration, fear and humiliation frequently. If you need to vent, find a therapist and pay him or her to listen. If you see friends, don’t use them as your dartboard. When you do, you create the same need to vent in your friends, and this can compromise your privacy.
  • Maintain a civil relationship with your ex-spouse. Public scenes are embarrassing and are the root of many a scandal. If you encounter your ex-spouse in public, keep it cool. Practice being friendly, without making yourself vulnerable to attack. If you can’t resist a fight, remove yourself from the situation.
  • Put a stop to gossip when you hear it. If people you know are talking about your ex-spouse, you can assume they are doing the same about you. When people try to bad-mouth your ex-spouse, politely tell them you would rather not discuss your private life.

The more public your divorce, the more access attorneys and judges have to the details of your private life. This may work against you in court in a number of ways, so take the high road whenever possible.

Your Bloomfield Hills divorce attorney can help you strategize ways to keep your private life out of the public eye.