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Are Certain Life Events More Likely to Lead to Divorce?

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Life is full of ups and downs. No matter who you are, what you do or where you live, everyone deals with stress and the many changes life can bring. Sometimes those changes are good and sometimes they are bad. Other times changes can be completely unexpected and throw people way off course. The fact is there is no shortage of life events that can affect people both positively and negatively. Everyone is different, so everyone will respond to these kinds of events in their own way.

So what about divorce? What kinds of life events play a role in divorce? It’s a well-known fact that finances are a common problem for many couples. Sexual relations between couples can also be complicated and lead to divorce. Obviously, there are many different events in life that can influence couples to decide on divorce, but what major events are more likely to lead divorce? According to one marriage counselor, there are several major life events that have a greater chance of leading to divorce than others.

Illness is one of the top life events that can lead to divorce. When one spouse becomes seriously ill or physically debilitated the entire relationship can change, and often for the worse. A major job change can also be a big influence on the decision to divorce. Obviously a job loss or job change that means less money can cause stress on a marriage and men who are unemployed are more likely to leave their spouse, as well as be left by their spouse.

While many couples look forward to having children and starting a family, adding kids to the equation can change the dynamics of the relationship significantly. Taking on the added responsibilities that come with parenthood can be a major factor contributing to divorce. Another significant life event that can lead to divorce is when couples have to live apart for an extended period of time. Major trauma and infidelity are two other common life events that lead to divorce.

Of course, every couple is different and some marriages are stronger than others. Some people are more prepared and better equipped to overcome these challenges, while some couples just can’t get past them. If you have experienced one or more of these life changes and it has caused you to consider divorce, then please contact
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