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Technology’s Increasing Role in Divorce

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Technology is constantly changing and as it does it continues to play an increasingly larger role in just about every aspect of society. Technology also plays a role in divorce and its influence is actually being felt more and more all the time. Social media is beginning to be mentioned more often as one of the common factors that play a role in people ending their marriage. In fact, some couples have even put the majority of the blame for their failed marriage on their spouse’s (or their own) social media use. Now, technology is even being used more as evidence in many divorce cases.

According to a survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social media (Internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc), text messaging, emails and other electronic tools are starting to be used as evidence in divorce cases at an increasing rate. In fact, according to that survey, nearly every participant noted an increase in this trend. Of all the lawyers questioned, 97 percent said that they had indeed seen a rise in the last three years in the number of divorce cases that involved evidence extracted from a wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet. Of the information gathered, text messages were the number one type of evidence used, coming in at 46 percent. Emails accounted for the next largest percentage at 30 percent. Call history and phone numbers came in third at 12 percent.

Messages and calls were not the only types of information used as evidence. Apps were also regularly used to gather information during the divorce process. The most common apps used for evidence in divorce cases were Find My iPhone and Snapchat. That means people can, and actually are, using their smartphones to keep track of their spouse, or in some cases, spy on them. These numbers would appear to indicate that technology is going to continue to play an important role in many divorce cases. That is just one more reason to contact a divorce lawyer if you are going through a divorce.

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