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Child Support Payments in Michigan

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When a couple with children gets a divorce, child support is one of the complex legal issues that will be addressed during the divorce proceedings. Divorce is difficult enough; however, when children are involved it becomes an even more emotionally charged issue. This is why it is important for the parties in the divorce to have legal counsel.

Child Support Payment Process

Legal counsel will help the parties with child custody and child support proceedings. Once these issues are finalized, for the sake of the children, the parent who must pay child support will need to begin making payments. With all of the paperwork involved with divorce, a divorced parent may not know what comes next.

The payor provides payment to the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MISDU) who collects child support payments from parents. The payments are made this way, as opposed to having the parent directly mail the check to the other party, so that there is a record of payments. It ensures that both parents are protected. If for some reason a parent provides payment directly, he or she may not get credit for having paid, which can have severe consequences.

Once the parent makes the payment, the MISDU child support enforcement system processes the payment and provides the support to the person who is owed child support. Although a parent may think that he or she no longer has to pay child support once the child reaches the age of 18, this may not be the case. If a child will still be enrolled in high school as a full-time student after turning 18, a parent will be required to continue paying until the child graduates.

Friend of the Court Office

Friend of the Court offices in counties throughout Michigan are working with divorced parents to ensure that they are able to meet their financial obligations to their children. The Friend of the Court Office works with families to ensure and promote actions that are in the best interest of the children, including custody and parenting time enforcement and recommendations. This also includes ensuring that parents have a firm understanding of how child support works.

Income and Payments

Child support payments can be modified if there is a change in employment, income, or custody. A child support payment modification can be achieved by filing a motion with the court. If you have recently changed jobs or think that your financial circumstances are such that you should no longer pay the court ordered amount of child support, then you should speak to an attorney. An attorney is best equipped to prepare the necessary motion.


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