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When the Other Person Happens to Be A Bottle

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Recently, a North Carolina website came up with a list of the drunkest cities in Michigan. Mount Clemens located in Macomb County was named the second drunkest city on the list. The list was determined by the amount that drinking is discussed on Twitter and the number of establishments that are available to either purchase alcohol or have a drink at. The study also looked at the divorce rate in each city that made the list due to the stereotype surrounding drinking and divorce. Regardless of whether the stereotype is warranted, some spouses do decide to divorce because of drinking.

Are You Tired of the Drinking?

Divorce is hard for many different reasons; however, so is taking care of someone that may have a serious drinking problem. For some they have heard the excuse that the person will stop drinking time and time again. However, it eventually gets to the point where the promise to change does not carry weight any longer. When a person can no longer take the excuses or the person has become violent when drunk, it may very well be time to file for a divorce.

In order for you to get a divorce, you must file a divorce complaint with the circuit court. The divorce complaint should only contain statutory language and no explanation for why the divorce occurred. You will later present evidence of the marriage’s breakdown in court. Divorce is a life-changing event of which a person must be sure before beginning the process. In the end, the decision to divorce is very personal; however, an attorney can be there to help any questions that you may have.


Things to Consider When Getting Divorced

In some cases the actual decision to get divorced may be considered extremely complicated; however, oftentimes this is not the hardest part of the divorce process. Oftentimes determining which spouse will end up with what can become a contentious issue. When you are meeting with your divorce attorney for the first time, it is important to know what material items/property you would like to get out of the divorce. In addition, if you have children, it is important to determine the level of custody you desire.

If you are concerned with your spouse’s drinking and the effect it may have on the children, this is an important issue to tell your attorney. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the options available relative to custody and parenting time.

Is It Time to Take Control of Your Life?

If you have had it with your spouse’s drinking habits and are ready to divorce then you should speak with a divorce attorney. With over 30 years of experience, Michael A. Robbins and answer any questions that you may have regarding how to begin your divorce process. He can also work with you and your spouse/spouse’s counsel to make your divorce as fast and painless as possible. Contact our firm today at 248-646-7980 to begin taking steps to a life without excessive drinking.