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Coping During Separation and Divorce

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When a couple gets married, they never imagine that one day they could find themselves signing divorce papers to officially terminate their marriages. The process is emotional for everyone involved, full of tension and typically includes arguments for almost every couple. However, if you are getting ready for a divorce or already in the middle of one, there are ways to cope with the divorce and strategies that can make it less contentious.

Handling Your Emotions

Divorces signal a collapse, an ending of a relationship and even a family. It can be very emotionally stressful dealing with your own emotions and your estranged partner’s. Arguments are inevitable, but they do not necessarily have to poison everything. Use the following strategies to make your divorce simpler for you and everyone around you:

Recognize that emotional Rollercoasters are Normal. During divorce, you may feel any range of emotions from anger to anxiety, to happiness and depression, all at the same time. This is normal for either party;

Take Time to Heal. After years of marriage, it is okay to need time to process and heal. Take the time to take care of yourself so you can take the next steps into the future;

Avoid Having Fights with Your Spouse/Former Spouse. Disagreements during divorce will happen, but it is better to discuss things openly rather than getting stuck in fighting matches.

Care For Yourself Emotionally and Physically. Many people neglect themselves emotionally and physically during a divorce, but you will feel better if you are taking care of yourself; and

Stay Positive. Yes, divorce is a bitter end to one relationship, but it can also spell positive changes. Look on the bright side of things and stay positive for what lies ahead.

Making it Easy for the Children

If the couple has children, one of the most difficult parts of the divorce is talking to them and helping them come to terms with what is happening. Children often find divorce confusing and emotionally trying, but doing the following can help them deal with the changes:

Reassure and Listen. It is important to assure your children that the divorce is not their fault and that both parents still love them unconditionally. Listen to any concerns they have and do your best to comfort them;

Continue Normal Routines. Maintaining a consistent routine will keep children busy and assure them that their lives will continue normally despite changes in the family;

Stay Consistent with Discipline. Part of maintaining a routine means continuing to discipline children in a consistent manner. Parents should agree on homework schedules, bedtimes, rewards, and punishments for good or bad behavior, respectively;

Keep the Children Out of the Conflict. Many fighting couples fall into the trap of playing the children off each other. It is best to avoid arguing in front of children or speaking negatively about the other parent for their sake; and

Be Reliable. Only make promises that are realistic and can be kept. Do not confide your own feelings regarding the divorce with them.

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