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The Benefits of Mediation During Divorce

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When you are going through a divorce, tough issues need to be resolved, such as custody of your children, child support, spousal support, and the division of your assets and debts. Finding a compromise can be difficult, and many couples find it difficult and expensive to turn to a court for answers rather than making these decisions on their own. When you are going through a divorce and need to resolve tough issues, turning to mediation can be one of the best methods.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation refers to negotiations between you and your spouse, which are mediated, or facilitated, by a neutral third party. The neutral third party assists you and your spouse in compromising and seeing things from the other person’s perspective, and helps guide you through conflict resolution. Mediation allows you and your spouse to make decisions, rather than having a court make decisions for you, which you may have very little say about. It is often regarded as a less expensive, and more time effective, method of making a determination about how divorce matters will be settled.

One of the benefits of mediation is that it puts the power in your and your spouse’s hands, allowing you to work through things face-to-face.

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