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What Is a Domestic Relationship Personal Protection Order?

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When you are a victim of domestic violence, taking action, especially legal action, to protect yourself can be frightening. Not only may you be intimidated by the legal process and be unsure of how to pursue protection in the first place, but you may also be fearful of your domestic partner’s retaliation. While doing so can be challenging and emotional, if you are a victim of domestic abuse, seeking a domestic relationship personal protection order from a Michigan court can help to keep you safe – the attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins can help.

What a Domestic Relationship Personal Protection Order Does

A domestic relationship personal protection order, often referred to as simply a PPO, is the name that Michigan courts have given to restraining orders that are issued specifically in cases of domestic violence. Similar to restraining order in other states, a domestic relationship PPO can help you by ordering the abusive party to:

● Refrain from entering your home;

● Refrain from coming within a certain distance of you or your children;

● Stop interfering with your work at a job or at school;

● Stop harassing you or threatening you;

● Refrain from stalking you;

● Not purchase a firearm or weapon; and

● Stop contacting you.

There are two types of domestic relationship PPOs: an ex parte order and a final order. The first, an ex parte order, is an emergency order that is issued by the judge despite the fact that there has not been a full court hearing, and that the abuser has not appeared before a court. An ex parte order may be issued in the event that the judge believes you to be in immediate danger of harm or loss, and will be issued within 24 hours of your application for a PPO. A final order, on the other hand, is a PPO that is issued
after a hearing has taken place, in which the abusive party can present their case and ask for the order to be modified or rescinded.

How to Apply for a Domestic Relationship PPO

In order to get a domestic relationship PPO, you must go to the courthouse in your county and file the appropriate petition. You will need proper identification, as well as information about the abusive party, in order to do this. Then, you will attend an ex parte hearing, where you will explain before the judge why you need a PPO. If granted, the ex parte order will last for six months (182 days). From here, the abusive party will be served the court order, typically by the police or a process server.

How a Michigan Family Law Attorney Can Help

If you have questions about how to apply for a PPO, or what steps are next after a PPO has been issued – such as divorce, spousal support orders, and getting custody of your children – the family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at 248-646-7980.