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Rates of Divorce Increase After the Holidays

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While the holidays may be the time for spending time with loved ones and family, statistics show that after the holidays, many couples decide to throw in the towel and call it quits on their marriage. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Washington, the results of which were summarized in an 2016 article in Fox News, rates of divorce are highest in March, and second highest in August. Consequently, both of these months follow periods of holidays – the winter holidays that span from November to February, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, and the summer holidays in July, such as the fourth of July and summer break for kids.

Rates of Divorce Highest after Holidays Periods

The researchers found that in the state of Washington, divorce rates increased by a whopping 40 percent from a low in December to a high in March.

A separate article, published in MSN News, supports the idea that divorces are highest after the holidays, citing that on average, the most divorces are filed in January, right after Christmas and New Year’s. In fact, divorces are so common in January that, according to the article, some divorce attorney’s even take the last two weeks of the year off in order to prepare for the new year’s rush of divorce filings.

Why Are Divorces So Common after Christmas?

The precise reason that the rate of divorce increases after the holidays is unknown, but some people think that a combination factors leads to the surge. These factors might include:

  • Fear of disappointing family members by filing for divorce over the holidays;
  • Feelings of content, wellbeing, and a desire to make things work during the holidays;
  • Financial constraints during the holidays that keep couples together – at the start of the new year, people may feel as though they have an opportunity for a fresh financial start;
  • Stress about Valentine’s Day and a lack of romance, or having to coordinate the holiday amongst two partners in the event of an affair; and
  • A desire to keep things together for children over the holidays.

Is Divorce in Your Future?

If you are discontent with your marriage, you may be thinking about divorce. Even if you are waiting until after the holidays to file for divorce, you should start preparing yourself now. Divorce preparation includes writing down things that you want in a divorce settlement (such as the house, custody of the children, etc.) and things that you would be willing to give up in exchange, how you will support yourself financially after divorce, where you will live, and who you will hire to represent you.

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