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Using Electronic Communication to Make Divorce Better for Parents and Kids

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Social media messaging, emailing, and texting are not commonly considered to be beneficial to the divorce process. When we think about divorce in Michigan and how social media platforms or emails might come into play, we often think about matters surrounding electronic snooping and the harm that can result from information about one or both spouses showing up on social media accounts. Yet according to a recent article from HealthDay Reporter, electronic communication tools-from social media messaging to texting and email-can help parents to remain in contact with one another after a divorce, and these tools can also help to improve the parent-child relationship.

Texting and Emailing Allows Parents to Remain in Communication After Divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce can be complicated and, for many Michigan residents, quite difficult. Even when you know rationally that it is best to put your child’s interests and well-being first, it can be tough to remain civil with your ex-spouse in a variety of situations. However, as the article emphasizes, electronic communication, such as Our Family Wizard app,, can actually help to quell some of the hostility that impacts co-parenting after a divorce.

When parents are not getting along after a divorce or still feel bitter and angry, co-parenting can seem almost impossible. This is especially true when it requires the parents to see one another face-to-face, or even to hear one another’s voices over the phone. With the prevalence of electronic communication, however, parents can communicate with one another in ways that feel more detached and that ultimately can allow coparenting to work better for formerly married couples who are having difficulties communicating.

What do we mean by this? In short, if it feels emotionally draining to speak to your ex-spouse on the phone or to meet with your ex-spouse in person, simply sending a text message or a communication through a social media messaging service can be much easier. Texts, in particular, can be quick and to the point.

Is Electronic Communication as Effective for Maintaining the Parent-Child Relationship?

You might be asking yourself, is co-parenting through texting, emailing, and messaging actually as effective as co-parenting situations in which the parents regularly communicate with their children through phone conversations or in person? The article cites a recent study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University, which suggests that the amount of communication in coparenting is much more important than the type of communication.

To be clear, the method of communication did not matter so much as the frequency of that communication between parent and child. The article underscores that the more the parent communicated with the child in any form, the more informed that parent was about the child’s life, resulting in a closer bond. The study sends the message that any kind of continuing parental communication, even if it is through electronic means, allows for healthy parent-child relationships after divorce.

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