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Questions to Ask Before You Start the Divorce Process

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Filing for divorce in Michigan is not a decision that anyone should take lightly. Whether you have been married for only a short time or are considering dissolving a relationship that has lasted for decades, it is important to think through all of the implications of divorce before you begin the process. In asking yourself some key questions about divorce, you can also take steps to plan in advance so that you are prepared for the process of property distribution, and for matters concerning minor children from the marriage. An article in The New York Times discusses some important considerations that everyone should think through before filing a divorce petition.

What are some of those important and essential questions to ask before you file for divorce? We have some answers and information for you below.

Have You Considered How You Will Tell Your Spouse About Your Plans to File for Divorce?

In some marriages, the fact that one or both spouses want a divorce is not a secret. Many couples in Michigan discuss the possibility of divorce with one another for months, and sometimes even years before they file for divorce. However, in other situations, one spouse may be unsure about how to tell the other spouse about his or her desire for a divorce. If you are in the latter situation, have you considered how you will tell your spouse? If you have delayed discussing divorce with your spouse because of concerns for your own personal safety, it may be best to make plans to separate and to be in a safe space when you file for divorce. No matter what your situation might be, an experienced Michigan divorce attorney can help.

Have You Found an Attorney to Help With Your Case?

You should always have an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer on your side from the beginning of your case. While filing for divorce can be relatively straightforward, the process of actually getting divorced can be extremely complicated. Whether you have significant marital assets and debts or have concerns about child custody and parenting time, you should have an advocate on your side.

Have You Gotten Your Finances in Order?

Before you file for divorce, you should always gather all relevant financial information so that you have the documentation you will need during your divorce. This means making copies of earnings statements, income tax returns, property valuations, purchase details for valuable assets, and any other relevant information. Your attorney can help to make sure that you have all of the documentation you will need in order to get started on your divorce and, if necessary, to ensure that your spouse does not attempt to hide any assets.

Have You Made a Budget?

Divorce can take a financial toll on anyone, including individuals planning for a high net worth divorce. By making a budget in advance, you can be more certain that you are prepared for the financial realities of living in a separate household without shared income.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Michigan

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