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Divorce Check List

1. Custodial arrangements (joint legal; joint physical; sole) for children

2. Visitation/parenting time/change of domicile

3. Child support (shared economic responsibility?)

4. Uninsured psychological, hospital, dental, pharmaceutical and expenses for the children

5. Medical insurance for the children

6. Income tax exemptions regarding the children-who will claim them

7. COBRA or medical insurance for an ex-spouse for up to three years from the entry of the divorce judgment where applicable

8. Alimony/spousal support (modifiable, nonmodifiable)

9. Property division

10. Separation of real estate, transfers, and deeds

11. Ensuring all investments, including bonds, savings and limited partnerships, are covered

12. The handling of debts

13. Qualified Domestic Relations Order, transferring of 401Ks, IRA accounts and pensions

14. Personal property such as furniture and collectibles

15. Motor vehicles, which includes boats and trailers

16. Valuation of closely held practices; degrees

17. Handling of premarital property; separate property; inheritances; gifts

18. Income taxes (whether there will be joint filings; the handling of refunds/taxes

19. Other taxation issues (regarding property settlement, alimony, etc.)

20. Bankruptcy issues, including protection in case one spouse files for bankruptcy.

21. Clauses to hold other spouse harmless and indemnification in the event someone fails to live up to his or her obligations

22. What to do if hidden assets are found

23. Spouse abuse and restraining orders

24. Restoration of maiden name

25. Proper security, such as life insurance policies as protection for child support payments, alimony/spousal support payments, and/or property payments in the event of death

26. Payment of attorney fees and/or accountant, mediator, and other expert fees

27. College education for children and/or spouse

28. Provisions for review in certain situations such as child support and/or spousal support; custody/parenting time and fraud

29. Clauses for payment of things such as summer camps and/or religious training as well as upbringing or other special circumstances involving children

30. Mutual release clauses; disclosure of assets clauses; execution of documents clauses