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Common Errors to Avoid in a Michigan Divorce

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Anyone who is getting divorced in Michigan or is planning for an imminent divorce is likely thinking about the steps they will need to take in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the divorce proceeding. In some cases, it is even more important to consider what you should not be doing before your divorce or to think about some of the common errors people make prior to and during a divorce case. If you are considering divorce, or if you are already in the early stages of the process, you should think carefully about these common errors to avoid in a Michigan divorce. 

Do Not Ignore Filing Requirements

Under Michigan law, there are a number of important requirements for filing for divorce, including the way in which you must plead in your petition for a no-fault divorce in the state. Your complaint about divorce must state that there has been a breakdown in the marital relationship and that there is no chance of reconciliation. If you do not understand how a no-fault divorce works in Michigan, you can put the divorce process at risk of delay.

Do Not Attempt to Hide or Conceal Marital Property

You must disclose all assets and debts in a Michigan divorce, at which point that property must be classified either as marital or nonmarital (separate) property. If you fail to disclose any property or attempt to hide assets in order to prevent those assets from being divided or distributed in your divorce case, you can face serious consequences. 

Do Not Forget to Make Copies of Financial Documents

Make copies of all financial documents prior to filing for divorce if possible, particularly documents that your spouse may attempt to keep from you in an effort to hide or conceal assets. 

Do Not Forget to Hire an Appraiser

An appraiser can be essential in divorce cases in Michigan involving complex property or in high-asset divorce cases. An appraiser can provide an objective fair market valuation of particular assets. 

Do Not Forget to Hire a Forensic Accountant

In high-net-worth divorces, or in any divorce case where there are concerns about hidden property, a forensic accountant can identify assets and can help to ensure that all property is identified and distributed according to the theory of equitable distribution.

Do Not Fail to Acknowledge the Value of an Experienced Divorce Attorney

You should always have a divorce lawyer on your side to help you manage the complicated process of divorce under Michigan law. Your divorce attorney can assess any issues in your case and, if necessary, advocate for your right to certain property as part of the process of property division. We can also help you with child custody issues that are likely to arise out of a divorce involving minor children from the marriage.

Contact a Michigan Divorce Lawyer

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