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Tips for Handling a Divorce During the Holidays

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is difficult regardless of the time of year when you are going through court appearances or negotiations, and regardless of the time of year your divorce is finalized. Yet the holiday season can be particularly tough for many spouses. Whether or not you have minor children from your marriage, it is never easy to face a time of the year that centers around families and togetherness when you are in the midst of your divorce process. No matter what, you should seek assistance with your divorce from a Michigan divorce attorney who routinely handles divorce cases under Michigan law. Consider the following tips for handling a divorce around the holidays.

Be Open With Your Friends and Family Members

Most people, even if they have not gone through a divorce themselves, understand that divorce can be especially tough around the holiday season. Whether you need support from friends and family members in the days leading up to Christmas or you could really use a friend to help you take down holiday decorations after the New Year, it is important to be open with friends and family members about the support you would appreciate during this time. The more honest you are about your feelings, the better your friends and family members will understand and will be able to offer support. 

Plan for Flexibility 

It might sound like an oxymoron to plan for flexibility, but it is critical to plan to be as flexible as you can be around the holidays, especially if you share minor children with your ex. Unexpected events can arise, and you might not be able to keep the holiday plans that you currently have. If you go into the holiday season recognizing that things can change, and that you need to stay flexible, you will experience less stress if plans do indeed change.

Cooperate With Your Ex as Much as Possible

If you have children with your ex, it is important to try to cooperate as co-parents, particularly during the holiday season. You can reach an agreement surrounding certain family holiday traditions, and you can make sure that gift-giving is not one-sided.

Do Not Spend the Holidays Alone 

Whether or not you have children from your marriage, it is very important for your own well-being that you do not spend the holidays on your own and that you do everything you can to take care of your own mental and physical health. In addition to making plans with friends or other family members for holiday dinners and events, you should also be kind to yourself and create new holiday traditions that will allow you to settle into your post-divorce life with greater ease. 

Contact a Michigan Divorce Lawyer 

Divorce is an incredibly complex process, but you can help yourself by hiring an experienced Michigan divorce attorney who can represent you from start to finish in your case. One of the advocates at our firm can speak with you today. Contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins to learn more about how our firm assists clients in Michigan divorce cases.