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Making a Post-Divorce Plan

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When you are planning for a divorce under Michigan law and you are considering the plans you need to make, you are probably thinking about everything you need to do leading up to the divorce — opening your own bank account, gathering financial documents from your marriage such as tax returns and pay stubs, copying purchase invoices and receipts for major assets you own with your spouse, and budgeting for a one-income household during your separation and your divorce case. Yet divorce planning includes more than just the strategizing you need to undertake leading up to a judge hearing your case and your divorce being finalized. You should also be making a post-divorce plan while you are getting ready for your case to move forward. There are a number of items to include on a post-divorce checklist, and we want to make sure you are as prepared as you can be.

Estate Planning Documents

Once your divorce is finalized (or even beforehand), you should begin thinking about updating your estate planning documents. To be clear, you likely will need to change information in your will, and you will also want to update any advance directives that give your spouse power to make decisions on your behalf. You will also likely want to update beneficiary information on your life insurance policy and any other related accounts.

Digital and Electronic Passwords 

Did you and your spouse use a common password for various accounts during the marriage? Does your spouse know your email password and vice versa? You will need to make sure you change all of your passwords and make necessary updates after your divorce is finalized—ideally, these updates should come as soon as you are separated. You do not want to put yourself in a situation in which your ex-spouse still has access to your information.

Cell Phone Accounts 

Most spouses share a cell phone plan. While you may decide to remain on the same cell phone family plan while the divorce is in process, you will most likely need to deal with separate cell phone accounts once you are divorced. You should determine what options are available from your cell phone company

Emergency Contact Updates

In all likelihood, your spouse is listed as your emergency contact anywhere emergency contact information has been requested. You will need to update this information once you are divorced. 

Tax Considerations

As soon as your divorce is finalized, you should consider the tax implications. When you file your taxes after you are divorced, your tax returns will look different, and you will need to consider how your filing status could affect other deductions and tax issues.

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