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What is the First Thing You Should Do if Considering Divorce?

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 If you are considering a divorce in Michigan, there are some steps you need to take as soon as possible. Divorce in Michigan is a complex process, and it is critical to understand how Michigan divorce law will apply to your case. An experienced Michigan divorce attorney can help you to understand your rights and responsibilities under Michigan law, and can help you to take all necessary steps to move forward with your divorce case. While there are certain steps that anyone getting divorced should take, it is important to remember that divorce processes can look a bit different depending upon the facts of the case. As such, you should determine what you need to do prior to filing for divorce by having a dedicated divorce lawyer in Michigan assess your case and help you to develop a plan moving forward. 

So, what is the first thing you should do if you are considering divorce? You should find an experienced divorce attorney who you trust to handle your case. Then, you should make a plan for other steps to take before your divorce case moves forward.

First: Hire a Divorce Lawyer with Experience Handling Divorce Cases Similar to Yours

Whether you are the primary earner in your marriage or you are anticipating that you will need to seek spousal maintenance, and whether you have children from your marriage or you do not, the first and most important step for anyone considering a divorce is to hire an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer. Michigan divorce law is complex, and every divorce case comes with its own particular set of facts and circumstances. You want to have an attorney on your side with experience handling divorce cases in the state. 

Furthermore, you want to ensure that you have a divorce lawyer with experience handling cases that are somewhat similar to your own. For example, if you are anticipating a high asset or high net worth divorce, you should find a lawyer with experience representing clients in high asset divorce cases. Or, for instance, if you are expecting a particularly complex child custody case, you should seek out an attorney with experience representing clients in complex child custody cases. Similarly, if you are anticipating a particularly complicated property distribution situation, you should find an attorney with experience handling complex property division divorce cases.

To be clear, you should hire a divorce attorney as soon as you are considering divorce because you will need a lawyer on your side as you begin the process of planning and filing for divorce in Michigan. 

Gather Documentation and Information for Your Divorce Case

For many people, after hiring an experienced divorce attorney, the next step is to gather as much financial information and documentation as possible before you separate from your spouse. In a number of divorce cases, it can be difficult to obtain receipts or purchase materials for certain high-value assets, or to obtain tax documents, once you have separated from your spouse and have filed for divorce. If you can do so, as soon as you are considering divorce, you should begin gathering documentation and making copies of any materials that may be useful and essential to your divorce case. Of course, you should seek advice from your divorce attorney about the next steps to take. 

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Michigan 

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