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Five Tips for an Amicable Divorce Filing

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Nobody wants to go through a messy and contentious divorce that results in significant financial and emotional costs. While some divorces do involve animosity between the parties and an unwillingness to communicate or to negotiate, it is possible to have an amicable divorce filing. For many spouses, the ultimate goal is to have an uncontested divorce under Michigan law. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse have reached an agreement about all aspects of the divorce case—from the equitable distribution of marital property to child custody—and there is no need to litigate these issues and to have a judge rule on them.

How can you have an amicable divorce? The following are five essential tips from our Michigan divorce attorneys.

  1. Hire a Divorce Lawyer with Experience in Cases Like Your Own

It is extremely important to have a divorce lawyer on your side who has experience handling cases like yours and understands the intricacies of the particular circumstances of your situation. If you are anticipating a high-conflict divorce but want to strive for an amicable divorce filing, you should be sure to hire an attorney who has specific experience with issues concerning amicable divorces and resolving disputes in contentious cases.

  1. Consider Family Mediation

Family mediation can be a helpful way to have an amicable divorce. Through mediation, you and your spouse can communicate about issues in dispute and can work to reach a resolution. Beyond allowing you to have an uncontested divorce, mediation also has other benefits. For example, it can allow you to finalize your divorce in a faster and more cost-effective manner than if a judge must hear and decide your case.

  1. Try to Put Aside Anger and Focus on the Overall Outcome

While it can be difficult to put aside anger, you should focus on the overall outcome of the divorce and look toward the future. By looking ahead and thinking about the big picture, you can avoid getting caught up in a significant dispute over an issue that is relatively minor. 

  1. Focus On Good Faith Negotiating

When you are negotiating with your spouse, it is critical to do so in good faith. Otherwise, you can make short-term decisions that may not benefit either of you in the long run.

  1. Think About Therapy

While you might not think it makes sense to spend your time talking with a therapist or a psychologist when you are dealing with so many stressors surrounding your divorce, therapy can help you to focus on what is important and can help you to see the big picture. According to Psychology Today, therapy can help you to grapple emotionally and psychologically with any disputes concerning your divorce, which can ultimately allow you to move toward a resolution with your ex.

Seek Advice From a Divorce Attorney in Michigan

Moving toward an uncontested, and at least amicable, divorce case is typically preferable for all involved parties. Even if you cannot reach an agreement about all aspects of your divorce case and still must have a contested divorce in which the judge decides one or more issues in dispute, it is still possible to end the divorce process amicably and to maintain a working relationship with your ex-spouse as a co-parent. One of the divorce attorneys in Michigan at our firm can assist you with your case. Contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins for more information about how our team can help with your divorce.