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10 Things to Do After Divorce

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Divorce in Michigan is never easy, regardless of whether you are involved in a contentious divorce or a relatively amicable separation. To be sure, divorce means making major lifestyle changes, from living arrangements to financial budgeting to childcare planning. Given the stress of the actual divorce process, many newly divorced Michigan residents do not immediately think about the steps they need to take after a divorce. Yet there are a number of issues you will need to address to ensure your financial and legal independence after the divorce is finalized. While Michigan divorce law will govern the actual divorce process, the following are 10 things you will need to do once you are actually divorced.

  1. Open Your Own Accounts and Close Joint Accounts

If you have not already done so, now is the time to open your own bank accounts and close any remaining joint accounts. 

  1. Check and Change Your Beneficiaries

 Unless your divorce judgment requires your ex to remain a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, for example, because of children you share from your marriage, it is important to check and change your beneficiaries since your ex is likely listed.

  1. Make Necessary Health Insurance Changes

Many spouses are on the same health insurance plan, often provided by one of the spouse’s employers. It is important to know that ex-spouses cannot remain on employer-provided health insurance after a divorce, so it will be critical to sort this out to ensure both spouses have continuous coverage. 

  1. Check and Change Any Usernames or Passwords Your Ex Has 

If your ex has any of your usernames or passwords—from email to bank account logins—you should change these.

  1. Go Over Your Divorce Judgment with Your Lawyer

Work with your divorce attorney to ensure that you understand all of the elements of your divorce judgment and that you are abiding by all terms of the divorce.

  1. Ensure that Property Transfers According to Your Divorce Judgment Have Been Made

If you need to transfer assets to your spouse according to the divorce judgment, you should do so as soon as possible. If your spouse is supposed to be transferring assets, check in with your attorney about ensuring this transfer occurs quickly. 

  1. Consider Changes to Your Estate Plan

Many newly divorced people need to make changes to their estate plan, such as to their will, trust, or advance directives.

  1. Change Your Emergency Contact(s)

Your ex is most likely listed as your emergency contact, so you will probably want to change your emergency contact to a friend or family member after your divorce.

  1. Let Relevant Parties Know About the Divorce

Some people will need to know about your divorce, like your childcare provider and your employer for health insurance purposes. Now is the time to let relevant parties know your divorce has been finalized.

  1. Give Your New Contact Information to Relevant Parties

Ensure that everyone who needs your new contact information has it. 

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