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Co-Parenting Tips for the Recently Divorced

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After a Michigan divorce involving minor children from your marriage, it can be difficult to focus on co-parenting with your ex-spouse, especially if you had a contentious divorce. Yet given that Michigan child custody law frequently focuses on ensuring that both parents have sufficient parenting to promote “a strong relationship between a child and parent,” most parents should plan for shared parenting or co-parenting after divorce. Whether you are on relatively amicable terms with your ex-spouse or you had a bitter divorce, the following co-parenting tips can help to make shared parenting easier for you and your children.

Reach Agreements About Household Rules

It is important for parents to reach an agreement in advance about the rules and routines at each of their residences and to be consistent with their children, according to an article in Psychology Today. For example, you and your ex should reach an agreement about the child’s responsibilities for homework, chores, and behavior. If those rules and routines are consistent at both of your homes, you are less likely to encounter a situation in which a child resents one parent and wants to spend more time with the other parent, or vice versa.

Avoid Making Any Derogatory Comments About Your Ex Around Your Kid

While you may harbor resentment, anger, and other emotions when it comes to your ex, it is important to avoid making negative comments about your ex around your children. While you can have those conversations about your ex with your close friends or adult family members, your kids should not be subjected to harmful language about the other parent and should not sense any disrespect or tension.

Develop Communication Strategies

Successful co-parenting requires communication strategies that work for both parents. It is critical to know what kind of communication method is best for you. Whether you always communicate with your ex in person, over the phone, or through electronic communication like email and text, the key is to ensure that lines of communication open concerning parenting and your children.

Plan to be Flexible When You Can

Various kinds of issues and complexities will arise when you are co-parenting, and it is important to remain flexible when it is necessary and when you can do so. While it is important to ensure that both parents stick to the terms of a parenting plan and make efforts to successfully co-parent, there will always be exigencies that need to be addressed. If you recognize the need for flexibility in advance, you can adjust when complicated or unexpected circumstances do arise.

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