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What Happens During a Divorce Settlement Conference?

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The idea of divorce can be intimidating for anyone. Couples want to ensure that their best interests are upheld and that their children will be cared for following the divorce, so when it seems that the process is nearing its end, you and your attorney must ensure that the final decree is suitable. A divorce settlement conference makes it possible to resolve outstanding matters while safeguarding your future. 

The Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins has years of experience representing our clients’ best interests during the divorce settlement conference. Our family law attorneys outline the key points that are covered in this important meeting. To discuss your specific case, contact our firm for a consultation.

What Is a Divorce Settlement Conference?

Divorce often comes with many complex issues that need to be settled before the decree is finalized. The divorce settlement conference is an opportunity to answer some key questions about your divorce. Here, you and your spouse can review all matters relevant to your divorce decree, such as who will have primary custody of the kids and how assets will be divided. To avoid a trial, you and your attorney will work with the other party to establish compromises and negotiations. The conference is collaborative and may require mediation from an attorney. Depending on the exact circumstances, a settlement conference may be decided upon by both parties or ordered by the court if the case is highly contested. 

Even though an attorney may prepare for a trial as a tactic to protect your best interests, we will prioritize a settlement in your favor. As a result, the settlement conference can help you avoid additional costs of divorce and move forward in less time. 

What Is Discussed?

During the conference, you and your spouse will resolve several major issues pertaining to the divorce. Many of these issues are examined during the discovery phase, where your attorney gathers key information to help you make a decision. Some of the matters you and your spouse may discuss include: 

  • Spousal support
  • Child support and/or custody
  • Division of assets and debts

Benefits of a Settlement Conference

If you and your spouse are both willing to compromise and negotiate the remaining issues, a settlement conference is well worth your time. Rather than taking the case to trial, which can extend the legal process, the settlement conference can resolve the matters more efficiently without compromising your best interests. A few advantages include: 

  • A settlement conference lets both parties speak openly about highly contentious issues rather than allowing a judge and attorneys to do the majority of the talking.
  • This step can be very helpful in resolving complicated matters such as parental responsibilities and dividing complex assets. 
  • It’s possible to avoid the long, often complicated process of a divorce trial.  

Prepare for Your Settlement Conference With a Michigan Divorce Attorney

Before your settlement conference, speak to a knowledgeable divorce lawyer. Our team at the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins can help you set goals and obtain the evidence needed to achieve them. We can help you identify areas in which you will be willing to negotiate while upholding your best interests. Call today for a consultation.