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How to Deal With Your Ex-Spouse Getting Remarried

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Uncategorized |

Nobody wants to think about their ex-spouse getting remarried, especially after a particularly difficult divorce. Even if you think you have been able to move forward after your divorce, learning that your ex is getting remarried can reopen old wounds and can remind you about complicated feelings that you experienced during your divorce. How can you deal with the news that your ex-spouse is getting remarried? Consider some of the following tips from our Michigan divorce lawyers.

Go Through the Grieving Process for Your Marriage

Maybe you have already mourned your marriage, but if you have not, it is time to grieve that loss so that you can move forward. It is important to be open and honest with yourself and to let your feelings of grief be present so that you can acknowledge them and move forward. If you try to hide your grief or avoid experiencing the feelings that are bubbling up, you can struggle more emotionally in the long run. 

Work with a Therapist

In order to grieve the loss of your marriage and to deal with the feelings you are experiencing after learning that your ex is getting remarried, you should work with a therapist you trust. It is essential to take care of your own mental health and to work through any lingering issues, especially if you share minor children with your ex and will be co-parenting together for years to come. 

Focus on Moving Forward

It can be easy to get stuck in the past when you learn that your ex is moving on and getting remarried, especially if you have not entered into a new relationship. Focusing on your future and moving forward with a new life can help you to reframe your circumstances and to imagine a happy life for yourself in which your spouse’s current marital status will not affect your happiness or well-being.

Plan Something Fun for Yourself on the Day of Your Ex’s Wedding

Whether you are simply expecting that you will see images and videos from your ex’s wedding on social media, or you have minor children with your ex and will hear about the wedding from them, it is important to make sure that you are occupied and enjoying yourself on the day of your ex’s wedding. Whether you plan something fun for yourself locally or you plan a trip with friends, take this day to do something for yourself so that you are not thinking about your ex and are not focused on what is happening at the wedding.

Be Prepared to Talk with Your Kids

Your children are likely to have questions about your ex’s remarriage. If possible, work with your ex to decide how you will handle responding to their questions. It is also important to listen to your kids’ feelings. As an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes, kids experience a range of emotions when they learn about remarriage, and it is important to attend to their feelings.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Michigan

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