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How to Tell Your Loved Ones You’re Getting a Divorce

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So, you have decided to get a divorce. You have all your paperwork together and met with a lawyer. You have served your spouse and are now going through the motions. So what is next? Telling people about the divorce.

Some people want to blast out the news on social media. Others are much more private and may not want to tell anyone — even their own family. Surely there must be some middle ground?

The fact is that your marriage affects all those around you — not just your spouse and kids. It affects everyone in the community. People may want to take sides or express their opinions. Sometimes friendships falter as a result.

Therefore, telling people about your divorce is a way to control the narrative. This allows you to tell the community how you view the divorce. You can share the news of your divorce in the way you want it to be seen. You can create a divorce speech. Here is how to go about it.

Define the Divorce

How do you want others to see the divorce? Was it amicable? Was it a surprise? Are you feeling happy or upset about it? Come up with a short statement that sums up your feelings, such as “It was amicable, and we wish each other well.” Even if the divorce has been a struggle, try to be positive and not too critical. 

Issue a Call to Action

Identify the role that friends and family can play in your life as you navigate this challenging time. People are likely thinking about your divorce in terms of how they will be affected. So tell them what you need. Babysitting help? Emotional support? Decorating help? Perhaps a date? Of course, what you share depends on the person. You may not want to issue a call to action to co-workers, neighbors, or people you do not know too well. 

Close the Conversation

Do not linger around in the conversation too long, or you might say something you might regret. Instead, turn things over to the other person. Ask them a question about their life. You can ask something as simple as “So, what’s new with you?”

Give Updates

Divorce changes and matures as time goes on. How you talk about it may change, especially as the facts change. Do not be afraid to update friends and family about your progress. It may even be good to give your boss an update. For example, you can let them know that the divorce has been finalized and you now have more time to focus on work if that is what you want to do. 

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Discussing divorce with others can be awkward. It can seem like a negative topic, but in the right context, you can make it sound like a positive event.

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