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Low Cost, Flat Fee Divorce in Michigan: A Warning to Divorcing Couples

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You’ve likely seen advertisements in the paper or on TV, where firms offer low-cost and/or flat fee divorce to resolve all outstanding marital issues quickly. There’s no doubt these offers are tempting, as most couples want to save money on the process and complete the dissolution of marriage proceedings without time-consuming delays. However, these ads leave a great deal of information out when listing the price, and a so-called low-cost divorce can end up being more expensive than you thought. Be very careful before you respond to these types of ads and consult with a Michigan divorce lawyer first, because there are a few things these firms fail to mention.

Many Costs Aren’t Included in Fees

When you deposit funds with a firm that does low-cost divorce, these amounts are usually applied to the services its employees are providing. There are additional fees for filing paperwork in court to initiate divorce proceedings. A firm may also charge for transportation to and from the courthouse, copying costs, fees to serve papers on your spouse, or other court costs that aren’t disclosed until after you’ve already invested in the process.

A Non-Attorney May Handle Your Case

A low-cost divorce firm usually employs clerks, paralegals, and executive assistance to prepare the paperwork in your case; these individuals may have legal experienced, but did not go to law school or pass the Michigan bar exam. An attorney may eventually review the content and sign off on the documents, but it’s possible that you won’t even get the chance to consult with him or her. These companies only succeed by churning out a high volume of cases, not by dedicating a reasonable time to client questions or concerns.

The Process Isn’t Personalized for Your Needs

There are unique considerations in every divorce case that a low-cost divorce firm may not be equipped to handle. If you reach out with questions, your call may be directed to a non-attorney, or you may wait days until you hear back from a lawyer. There isn’t time to consider your specific circumstances because the lawyers are juggling dozens of cases. You may have to pay hourly rates on top of the flat fee to get the individual attention you deserve.

Trust a Michigan Divorce Lawyer to Handle Your Case

When it comes to a low-cost or flat fee divorce, the adage of “you get what you pay for” is quite true. You might be paying a lower amount, but it’s likely that you will sacrifice quality in representation of your interests. In many situations, you’re not even dealing with a lawyer; in almost all situations, you won’t get personalized attention to your individual needs. A skilled, compassionate divorce lawyer will take the time to discuss your circumstances and work closely with you to resolve your divorce, based upon your specific interests. Instead of going the cheap, poor quality route, discuss your matter with an experienced Michigan divorce attorney. Please contact Bloomfield Hills, MI lawyer Michael A. Robbins for more information on dissolving your marriage.