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Handling Divorce During the Holidays

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Getting divorced is difficult and stressful at any time of the year, but it can feel particularly taxing as the holiday season approaches. For instance, filing for divorce immediately before the holiday season begins can raise concerns about how children from the marriage will spend the holidays, and whether family dynamics will be disrupted by the news of a divorce filing. Likewise, being in the midst of a divorce as the holidays are approaching can be just as problematic. Even if you are newly divorced, the prospect of getting through the holidays can feel daunting.

It is important for Michigan residents who are planning to file for divorce or are currently in the middle of a divorce to know that there are ways to manage the stress associated with divorce during the holiday season. We have collated some tips from an article in Psychology Today and an article Divorce Magazine to help you plan ahead for the holiday season, given that Thanksgiving is only about a month away.

Keep Communication Open

When it comes to managing the holidays, inasmuch as possible, you should keep communication open with your children, your ex, and your extended family members. Being open and honest, and communicating about concerns can help to relieve some of the anxiety surrounding the holiday season.

Begin Planning a Schedule as Soon as Possible

One of the keys to a less stressful holiday season during or immediately after divorce is to begin the schedule planning process as soon as possible. For example, if you have children from the marriage, you should begin thinking through what the schedule will look like for Thanksgiving and any other holidays that you and your family members celebrate. Communicating with your children and with the other parent can help you to reach a scheduling decision early that works for everyone. If you are having difficulty communicating with the other parent or having difficulty reaching a scheduling decision, a Michigan divorce lawyer can discuss options with you. The earlier you begin this process, the sooner you can have plans in place for the holidays.

Even if you do not have children from the marriage, you should plan your own holiday schedule as soon as you can to give yourself some stability. Will you spend the holidays with friends or family members, or will you take a much-needed vacation? Getting these plans in place can make the divorce a little bit less stressful.

Make New Holiday Traditions

The holiday season can be especially difficult for anyone who is getting divorced because it often means abandoning much-loved family traditions. Now is the time to make new traditions. You should consider alternate holiday options, and begin developing new traditions that can help you to enjoy this time of the year.

Talk to a Therapist

Whether you have a therapist or a support group, you should be sure to discuss your feelings about the holiday season. Are you especially stressed? Are you feeling sad or lonely? These are issues that a therapist and/or members of a support group can help you to manage.

Discuss Your Case with a Divorce Lawyer in Michigan

If you have questions about your divorce, or if you need assistance filing for divorce, a compassionate divorce lawyer in Michigan can talk with you about your options. Contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins for more information about managing divorce during the holiday season.