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Divorce and Psychology: Emotional Losses You Might Not Expect

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While divorce often is the best option for parties who are struggling in a marriage, it is nonetheless important to anticipate the losses that will accompany your divorce. In addition to certain financial losses or difficulties, many divorces result in other types of losses that can affect your emotional and psychological well-being. An article in Psychology Today discusses those losses, and we want to say more about them.

Loss of Partnership After Divorce

Even though divorcing your spouse may be the best decision for you in the long run, coping with the loss of a partner in the short term can affect your emotional or psychological state more significantly than you might expect. Many people who get divorced do, in the short term, feel as if they have lost a best friend and confidant. It is important to keep in mind that you will adjust as time goes on, but in the short term, it can be difficult to lose a partner to discuss financial matters, work issues, social concerns, and matters pertaining to your kids. Over time, many divorced parents realize that they are still able to work together when it comes to their children through co-parenting.

Spending Less Time With Your Children

If you have children from your marriage, one of the more salient losses often is the loss of time with your kids. While you might not realize it before the separation and divorce, when you are used to having your kids at home with you every night, the transition to spending only some nights each week with them can be difficult. You may experience loneliness when your kids are with their other parent. While this, too, will change over time, you can consider other activities on nights when your kids are with your ex-spouse to help ease some of the difficulty of the transition.

Loss of Extended Family and Friends

Although you may have been anticipating or even expecting it, divorce often comes with the loss of an extended family, and sometimes even the loss of certain friends. Your ex-spouse’s extended family may not be part of your life any longer. In addition, you may have certain friends you shared with your spouse who decide to “take sides” and remain friends only with your ex.

The loss of family and friends as part of a divorce can be extremely difficult, given that some of these people are the ones you would turn to for emotional support under different circumstances. It is important to have a strong support system of friends and family as you go through your divorce and to consider a therapist who can help you to process your emotions during this difficult period.

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