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Tips for Living With Your Spouse During the Divorce Process

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While many Michigan residents who are in the process of getting divorced want to move out of the house they share with their spouse-or have their spouse move out of the house-a surprising number of married couples in Michigan who are going through a divorce make the decision to continue living together. While some states require married couples to live separate and apart for a specific period of time before they are eligible to file for divorce, Michigan is not one of those states. To be sure, under Michigan law, there is no requirement that a married couple live separate and apart for any amount of time prior to filing for divorce. Accordingly, some couples do make the decision to live in the same house for a variety of reasons, from a sense of family stability for their kids to financial motivations.

Yet living with your ex-spouse can be complicated and emotionally difficult. An article in Divorce Magazine considers a variety of ways to remain healthy psychologically and emotionally while living in the same residence as your ex-spouse. We want to discuss some of those tips with you.

Know That You Can Move Out

As the article emphasizes, you should always keep in mind that you can move out if necessary. If you are living with your ex on a temporary basis in order to save money, you should do your best to avoid any unnecessary purchases in order to save the amount you need to have your own home. Even if you are living with your ex for the sake of your children, it is important to remember that living together with your ex does not have to be permanent. If the situation is not working out and if you are struggling with your mental health, moving out-or having your spouse move out-is always an option.

Work Together to Manage House Finances

If you are sharing a house with your ex, regardless of whether you have children, it is important to work together on managing the house finances. You can treat this situation as if you were roommates, sharing expenses and ensuring that all bills are paid in a timely manner.

Avoid Involving Your Children in Arguments

While it may be difficult to avoid having an argument with your ex, particularly when you are living under the same roof, it is especially important to avoid having an argument in front of your kids. Psychologists agree that arguing with your ex-and your children’s other parent-in front of them can make them feel as if they are being put in the middle and must “side” with one of you. Inasmuch as possible, you should put the best interests of your children first during and after your divorce, and especially if you are still sharing a house with your kids and your ex.

Make Sure You Both Have Space

If you are going to share a residence with your ex, it is important to be sure that you both have your own space in the house, including your own bedrooms. It is also important to agree to a schedule if you want to have other people over to the house.

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