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Are There Any Good Reasons to Delay My Divorce?

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When you make the decision to file for divorce in Michigan, we know that your impulse is likely to do everything you can to get through the process as quickly as possible. For many spouses, once you know that the relationship cannot be repaired and you begin the divorce process—even if that means simply meeting with a Michigan divorce lawyer for the first time—there is an urgency to have the divorce finalized and to move on. In some situations, one of the spouses may not want to get divorced and may attempt to slow down the divorce process. However, in certain situations, delaying the divorce could be beneficial.

Social Security Benefits Eligibility

Social Security benefits are among the most common reasons to wait to file for divorce. As the Social Security Administration (SSA) explains, if a couple is married for at least ten years, then an ex-spouse can be eligible to obtain Social Security benefits based on the other spouse’s record. However, if a marriage does not last at least ten years, then an ex-spouse is not eligible. In marriages where one spouse was the primary caregiver and spent years as a stay-at-home parent, Social Security benefits may be essential for that spouse.

Insurance Benefits and Coverage 

If one of the spouses is on the other spouse’s employer-sponsored health insurance and is going through a series of medical treatments or dealing with a specific medical condition, it could make sense for that spouse to remain on the other spouse’s health insurance plan until there is no longer an urgent need for costly medical care. Once a couple is divorced, insurance plans do not tend to permit an ex-spouse to remain covered by the health insurance policy. 

When spouses no longer want to be married but want to ensure the general health and well-being of the other spouse, waiting just a bit longer to get divorced could make sense when there is a health situation that requires certain insurance coverage.

Learn More From a Divorce Attorney in Michigan

For most people in Michigan, the possibility of delaying a divorce can be frustrating. Indeed, many people who are in the early stages of a divorce case want to get the process finished as quickly as possible. While spouses certainly may attempt to delay a divorce for reasons that are unethical, it is also important to think about some of the beneficial reasons for delaying a divorce. As we have explained, waiting to file for divorce or to have your divorce finalized can help in situations where a spouse can be eligible for certain benefits after a marriage of a particular length, or where a spouse needs healthcare coverage through the other spouse’s family insurance. 

If your spouse is trying to delay the divorce unfairly, you should get advice as soon as possible from a divorce lawyer. If you need help determining the right time to file for divorce based on your own needs, an experienced divorce attorney in Michigan can speak with you today. Contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins for more information about the timetable of your divorce and how you should move forward with your case.