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Should I Close My Facebook Account During My Divorce?

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Many people turn to their social media accounts, including Facebook, to provide life updates to friends and family members, and to vent about issues or concerns happening in their lives. Indeed, Facebook can seem like a good place to turn to let all of your friends and family members know at the same time that you are getting divorced, and it can provide you with a platform for breaking the news to those you know without having to grapple with difficult in-person conversations. You might assume that Facebook is a safe place to provide such life updates since you have your Facebook settings adjusted so that the public cannot see your posts and so that your spouse no longer has access to the materials you post.

However, you need to know that Facebook can be a dangerous place for anyone who is getting divorced and providing personal information to friends and family members. Should you close your Facebook account during your divorce case? While Michigan statutory law does not specifically address social media and your divorce, we want to provide you with more information to help you understand how Facebook and other social media apps might be able to affect your divorce case.

Information on Facebook Could be Used Against You in Your Divorce

You should know up front that the information you post on your Facebook page could be used against you in your divorce case. If you share information about your emotional or psychological state due to the divorce, your spouse might attempt to use that information in your child custody case. Or, if you post photos or other information that suggests you have more than enough money to support yourself—such as photos of a shopping trip, or photos from a vacation—your spouse could use that information to prove that you should not receive spousal support or maintenance, or to suggest that you could be concealing assets.

In short, your spouse and his or her divorce team may be able to use the information contained on Facebook in court.

Your Spouse’s Friends Might Also be Your Friends

Now that you know information you post on social media could be admissible in your divorce case, you still might be thinking that your Facebook account is safe because you have unfriended your spouse and have updated your privacy settings. Perhaps you have even blocked your spouse and many of his or her friends from accessing your posts. Ultimately, this might not be enough. 

If you have been married for a significant amount of time, chances are good that at least some of your spouse’s friends are your friends—both in life and on Facebook. You might not anticipate or expect it, but someone you think you can trust might share screenshots or other information from your Facebook page with your spouse, and that information ultimately could be used to hurt your case.

Seek Advice from a Michigan Divorce Lawyer

When it comes to divorce and social media, the best thing to do is to avoid posting altogether. If you have more questions or concerns, you should speak with a Michigan divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins today to discuss your case.