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What are the Top Reasons for Divorce?

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Couples in Michigan get divorced for many different reasons. In some situations, the spouses are in agreement about the divorce, and the decision to move forward with the dissolution of the marriage is at least somewhat consensual. In other scenarios, one of the spouses wants a divorce while the other does not, and the divorce can get quite contentious, particularly if the spouse who does not want to move forward with the divorce decides to contest child custody or makes accusations about hidden property. Regardless of whether the spouses agree about getting a divorce, spouses file for divorce for a wide variety of reasons. A report from Today discusses some of the most common reasons for divorce, and we want to go over some of those top reasons for divorce in Michigan with you.

Financial Problems

Financial problems are often cited as being one of the leading causes of divorce. From situations in which both spouses earn low incomes and struggle to make ends meet to situations in which just one of the spouses is the primary earner (resulting in money problems involving the other spouse), financial issues are a major stressor. When spouses are stressed and anxious because of money problems, other issues can arise in a marriage that ultimately lead to divorce.

Infidelity or Cheating

Infidelity, or cheating, is a top cause of divorce nearly everywhere. Whether a spouse has engaged in a physical affair with another person or has merely had an “emotional affair” outside the marriage, it is difficult for many couples to overcome it. When spouses cannot trust one another, it is often difficult or impossible to move forward in the relationship, and one of the spouses will file for divorce.

Addiction or Substance Abuse

When one spouse suffers from addiction or substance abuse, it can be hard for the spouses to remain married if the addiction or substance abuse is not treated.


In many divorce cases, the spouses have simply grown apart over the course of a lengthy marriage and have come to the conclusion that they are incompatible. Sometimes the parties have developed different life goals or interests, while in other situations the parties have known for some time that they are not compatible but have remained together for other reasons like the kids or health care issues. Incompatibility is one of the top causes of divorce.

“Extraordinary Situations”

According to the Today report, although most of us do not like to think about it, an extraordinary and unexpected circumstance or life event can cause irreparable damage to a marriage. We never expect to experience something like the loss of a child or another type of trauma, but such events and situations can make it difficult to remain in a healthy marriage.

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