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How Many People Divorce Because of Infidelity?

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Michigan divorces occur for many different reasons, from financial problems in the relationship to infidelity. While infidelity is often highlighted as being a reason for divorce, how frequently is it actually the sole cause of a divorce, or one reason among many? According to an article in The Signal, both physical and emotional cheating, or infidelity, are often at the root of divorce cases. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that anywhere from 20% to 40% of divorces are linked to infidelity, and men tend to cheat more often than women do. What else do you need to know about divorce and infidelity?

Different Types of Infidelity 

Like we mentioned above, there are different forms of infidelity. Accordingly, when a person reports that infidelity in their marriage led to divorce, that person might not have the same understanding of the term as another person who cites infidelity as the cause of the marriage breakup. As an article in The New York Times underscores, the definition of infidelity varies widely, but it typically includes explicit sexual acts with a person outside of the relationship. Sometimes it includes emotional affairs, pornography, internet relationships, or overt flirtations. 

To be clear, when researchers discuss the rates at which infidelity leads to divorces, many of them are thinking beyond physical infidelity and are considering various forms of “cheating” that may not even involve any kind of physical contact.

Understanding Infidelity in Marriages and Divorce Rates

Many marriages do end because of infidelity, in its varied forms as we have discussed above. The article in The Signal explains that approximately 40% of adults who admit to having cheated on a spouse “are currently separated or divorced,” while less than 20%—only about 17%—of people who are divorced or in the process of getting divorced say that they and their ex remained faithful to one another.

At the same time, infidelity does not always lead to divorce. To be sure, about 50% of married people who have cheated on their spouse in some capacity are still in the marriage. Based on statistics, men who have engaged in infidelity are more likely to remain married than women who have been unfaithful in some capacity.

You may be wondering what the underlying causes are for infidelity in marriages. Spouses cheat for many different reasons, and they are often dependent upon the particular circumstances of the marriage. As The Signal points out, some people cheat because they are bored in their relationships, while others are seeking emotional or physical connections. Types of infidelity can different among women and men, as well, with women having more emotional affairs in general and men engaging in more physical affairs.

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