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Ten Reasons You Should Not be Embarrassed to Get a Divorce

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In the 21st century, divorce has become extremely common, and most of us have at least one friend or family member who has been through a divorce. While it might feel embarrassing at first to tell people you know that you will be getting divorced, you should not be embarrassed. There are so many reasons you should not be embarrassed to get a divorce in Michigan. 

  1. Many People Get Divorced

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were a total of 630,505 divorces or annulments in the U.S. alone, and that number was actually relatively low in comparison with other recent years, when the number of divorces routinely topped 800,000 and 900,000. 

  1. Divorce is No Longer Stigmatized

While divorce used to be stigmatized, the prevalence of divorce in the 21st century means that this should no longer be a concern or a source of embarrassment.

  1. You Deserve to Put Your Needs First

You should never be embarrassed about making a decision for your life in which you put your needs first. Making the decision to file for divorce often means that you are recognizing your own worth.

  1. Getting Divorced Takes Strength

Making the decision to file a divorce complaint and to go through the divorce process in Michigan takes strength and courage, and you should never be embarrassed about making it through the difficult legal process.

  1. You Can Show Your Children That Personal Happiness Can be Important

When you have children from your marriage and you decide to file for divorce, you are showing your children that personal happiness can be important and should not be subordinated to social norms or ideas.

  1. You Have Friends and Family Members Who Have Gotten Divorced

Most people who are worried about the embarrassment of filing for divorce or telling their friends and family about their divorce plans quickly get over their concerns once they realize that they have a number of friends and family members who have also gotten divorced.

  1. You Can Work on Yourself

Getting divorced gives you an opportunity to work on yourself and to become the type of person you imagined being before your marital problems limited your potential.

  1. You Can Focus on Your Interests

Once you get divorced, you can focus on your own interests, and you will not need to worry about your own interests being subordinated to those of your spouse.

  1. Your Children Can Have Improved Relationships With You and Your Ex

In many divorces involving minor children from the marriage, the kids actually experience improved relationships with each parent since the parents are both happier and are no longer arguing or in contentious situations with one another.

  1. Moving on Can Have Enormous Benefits

Nobody should be embarrassed about getting divorced when moving on from a difficult, problematic, abusive, or simply unhappy relationship can have so many different benefits. 

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