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Is it Worth Getting a Divorce if We are Both Over 60?

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If you are over 60 and your spouse is also over 60, you might be wondering whether it is actually worth it to get a divorce. In recent years, getting divorced after age 60 has become known as gray divorce, grey divorce, or silver divorce. In some cases, you might see the trend described as a late-life divorce or a post-retirement divorce. In short, these kinds of divorces are becoming more common, and they can have many benefits. You might have been considering divorce for quite some time, and you may have been waiting until your children were older and moved out of the family home to start their own lives and families. While you might be thinking about the drawbacks of a gray divorce, it is also important to consider the various benefits that could allow you to live a happier life during your retirement years. Our Michigan divorce lawyers can give you more information.

More Older Adults are Getting Divorced

There are many reasons that older adults are getting divorced, and that gray divorces are on the rise. According to an article in Forbes, divorcees over the age of 60 cite a variety of reasons for making the decision to file for divorce, including growing apart, infidelity, a spouse’s addiction or abuse, and the decreasing stigma around divorce. Given that life expectancy rates have increased, many older adults also realize that they still have many years to find happiness after a long-term marriage. As such, divorce rates among older adults have risen.

Benefits of Gray Divorce

For many older adults, divorce over 60 has many different benefits. For those who have been in unhappy marriages for years, or for those who want to end a relationship with a cheating or abusive spouse, gray divorce can give you another chance to make a life for yourself that brings you joy, love, and happiness. Although finances may be tighter, the emotional impact for a person who chooses a gray divorce can be positive and significant.

Issues to Consider in a Divorce Over 60

When you are thinking about divorce over the age of 60, it is also important to consider the limitations or drawbacks of divorce. Most often, financial drawbacks are the biggest downside to a gray divorce. In Michigan, property division rules in a divorce require all marital assets and debts to be divided equitably between the spouses, and the equitable distribution process usually involves a division of retirement savings. In addition, spouses will be living on their own, paying for their household costs on one income instead of two. Moreover, according to an article in Psychology Today, gray divorce may present an “increased risk of anxiety and depression” for the spouse who did not want the gray divorce. As such, “self-care during and after the divorce is important.”

Contact a Michigan Divorce Attorney Today

Anyone who is considering a gray divorce should begin working with an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer who can provide information about the benefits and limitations of a divorce later in life. While there are often financial limitations, there are many quality-of-life benefits that come with gray divorce, and our firm can provide you with the information you need. Contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Robbins to learn more about how we can assist you with your gray divorce.