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Getting Divorced? Here is a Checklist of Documents to Give Your Attorney

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Divorce is a complicated legal process that can be emotionally taxing for everyone involved. Whether you are the one initiating the divorce or responding to a divorce filing, it is important to provide your attorney with all the necessary information to ensure a successful outcome. Here are some essential pieces of information to give your attorney in a divorce proceeding.

Information About Prior Court Cases

If you or your spouse has been involved in any previous legal proceedings, including previous divorces, your attorney will need to know the details. The following information can be useful:  

  • The court where the case was filed;
  • Whether that case is still active; 
  • The case number; 
  • The name of the judge assigned to the case; and
  • Property division and custody allocations from that case.

Information About You and Your Spouse

This will come as no surprise, but in a divorce, you must hand over a lot of information about yourself, your spouse, and your children, if there are any resulting from your marriage. In Michigan, your attorney will need at least the following information:

  • Full legal name, prior name(s), other names ever used; 
  • Social Security numbers;
  • Driver’s license numbers;
  • Whether you or your spouse is in the military; 
  • Employment information for you and your spouse; 
  • Gross income; 
  • Professional or occupational license information for you and your spouse;
  • Health care coverage for you and your spouse; and
  • Information about public assistance, if either you or your spouse receive any public benefits.

Each divorce case is unique, and therefore, the type of information your attorney will need depends on the specific facts of your case. 

Information About Your Marriage

Provide your attorney with a copy of your marriage certificate and any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, if applicable. Your attorney will also need to know the date and location of your marriage, the name of the officiant, and whether there are any children from the marriage.

Information About Your Finances, Property, and Debt

Your attorney will need a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation. This includes all sources of income, such as employment, investments, or rental properties. You will also need to provide documentation of all assets, including bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, and vehicles. It is important to be forthcoming about any debts or liabilities, including credit card debt, mortgages, and loans.

​​If you and your spouse own property together, your attorney will need to know about it. This includes real estate, vehicles, and other assets. You will need to provide documentation of ownership, such as deeds and titles.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a complex process, and it is always best to provide your attorney with all the necessary information to ensure the best possible outcome. Providing complete and accurate information can help your attorney negotiate a fair settlement, protect your rights and interests, and minimize the emotional and financial toll of the divorce. Remember, your attorney is there to help you, and the more information they have, the better they can serve you.

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