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What Should I Do With My Wedding Ring After Divorce?

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During and after a divorce, there is a lot on your mind. Understandably, you are overwhelmed with so many decisions and concerns. Where will you live? How will the kids manage? How will you manage financially? Will you stay single or date?

After the dust has settled and life has gone back to normal, you may wonder, what should I do with my wedding ring? In most cases, the wedding ring will remain yours after a divorce since it was given as a gift. A wedding ring symbolizes a promise, an eternity. So, what happens when your marriage does not last forever? What is the proper protocol in this situation?

There is no law that states what you must do with your ring. You have a variety of options; it is up to you to determine which one is the best choice based on your unique situation. Here are some options to consider.

Give it Back

If the ring was your spouse’s family heirloom, then it may be a good gesture to give it back to them so that it stays in the family. You may not be under any legal obligation to give it back, but keeping it or selling it could cause a lot of anger and drama.

Sell it

Many people opt to sell their wedding rings so that they can at least get something from their divorce. The money can be used to start your new life. You can sell your ring on eBay or at a pawn shop. A local jewelry store may also be interested in purchasing your ring if it is still in good condition. Look online for options near you.

Repurpose it

You may not want a wedding ring, but you can transform your ring into something that you will use and wear. Your ring can be melted and turned into earrings or a charm for a necklace or bracelet. 

Throw it Away

Many people throw out their wedding rings in grand gestures, especially when they have been wronged by their spouse. You can flush your ring down the toilet. You can chuck it off a cliff. You can toss it into a lake or ocean. 

Keep it

You can keep your wedding ring and save it for your children. Your daughter may want it when she gets older. Your son may want to give it to his future wife. You may not want to keep it, but to your children, your marriage means the start of a family, so the ring could be sentimental to them.

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There are many options for dealing with a wedding ring once the marriage has ended. You may not know what to do with it at first, but there is no hurry. Do not make a rash decision.

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